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I really don't remember the last time I posted, but here I am. Updates first. I won NaNo by the hair of my chin. It was really frustrating being Co-ML because all of the RL stuff going on at home. Major cleaning overhaul before we face inspection, stress frustrating me to the brink of sanity, and still no job.

I have now pulled out some of the stops looking for a job. I would say all, but I'm not good at playing the name game, or the whole connections thing. I need to move the hell Out. My insurance is killing me, and on Thursday I am apparently going to take a tour of ITT Tech in Flint. Digital Entertainment and Game Design. I have to rethink my classes at Delta, but I dunno anymore. This is the program I've been looking for honestly, and now that I have backups I know what I'm finally gonna do, and it all revolves around computers. Yay!

I had planned on moving to Baltimore but with this degree I'm going for who knows if I'll get a job out there. If I still really wanted to I could move out there, because there is a campus 30 minutes away from Baltimore, about the same distance from where I am right now. Bah!

Life is kicking me in the ass royally lately, and it's getting old. I just need something to help me out at ITT Tech. Maybe without the constant bad luck that's been thrown at me lately Ill be able to get my shit together and get everything on track..... Hopefully.
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