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I walked in for a tour on Thursday (the 10th) and I walked out an accepted student. I walked in Friday (the 11th) with a financial aid meeting, and walked out with a class shedule and some papers to for mom to sign, and $12,000 in debt! I'M A STUDENT AT ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE!!!!!!! I start classes on Wednesday.

I'm paid up from now until the end of September then I re-apply for my student loans, blah blah. All my books nad tools and fees are included int he tuition, even my cap and gown when I graduate. They make my schedule for me so I'm not taking any classes I don't need, and I still go full time and I'll Know when I'll grdaute. Classes won't cancel, I just tell them my class time preference, and they try to work around that.

I don't have to fill out the FAFSA anymore, cause they'll do it for me, I just give them the info they need to update it, and take out the hassel for me. I'm in the Visual Communications Associates program, and in 8 quarters I'll get that, and when I enter the Bachelor's program I get something like 20% off tuition because I continued at ITT Tech. I'll then enter into the Digital Entertainment and Game Design program.

My schedule looks like this:
Wednesday: Introduction to Deisgn - 9am - 1:20pm
Strategies for the Technical Professional - 1:30pm - 5:50pm

Thursday: Problem Solving - 9am - 12:24pm

and that's it! I'm so excited. Now I just need a job, maybe somewhere int he middle of my drive, and to move out, and to be able to pay back what I owe on shit, lol. I also need to try and get my teacher to let me take my exam early so I can go to class this Wednesday.... Here's hoping!
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