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Updates from 2010 in 2011

So if you look down below you'll see that I won NaNoWriMo. I actually beat it on the 7th day, and I could have kept going but then suddenly stuff happened and I pushed my way to 70k words. In all honestly it ended up being 4 stories, all but about 3 scenes, being all angst. I might post it eventually onto my writing blog,, but only time will tell about that, I keep writing new things all the time too.

Big news though? I'm a radio personality! On the internet!! DJ Megara broadcasting live on air on Mondays/Tuesdays and Saturdays! 9pm (Mon) to 1am (Tues) PT, Midnight to 4am (Tues) ET and 5am to 9am (Tues) GMT! That show will be the Oriental Pop/Rock Block! Playing music from Japan, Korea, China, etc.... It's gonna be awesome. And on Saturday you can catch me 2am to 6am PT, 5am to 9am ET, and 10am to 2pm GMT. But each hour in that show will be the 'Delightfully Intriguing Trivia' segment, where I give you trivia of... intriguing... facts. Anyway, the point is that you should all go and listen to it (Starting Jan 3rd at midnight ET) because it's gonna be awesome, even if you don't listen to my show. We play just about Everything, quite literally.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, I'm hoping to finish by February to finish an afghan I'm working on. The afghan you ask? A totally custom planned Legend of Zelda afghan, old school Zelda too. It's all tunisian crochet, which goes a little bit slower for me, but it's worth it cause you get a crisp look. I was influenced by this Mario afghan, which is amazing. I have some sneak peeks of what I have done so far, and when i get my first couple of playlists complete for my radio shows i shall be going back to complete some more squares!

It's dangerous to go alone
It's dangerous to go alone

The top border, will have bombs, rupees, keys, A, B, and of course LIFE

The first of three Tri-Forces. The other two will be red and blue. I wonder why? *taps chin*
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